Zebrano Factory

The Zebrano Factory is a state of art factory which covers a built-up area of about 16000m² area and consists of 7 major production sections and their support facilities. Our manufacturing facilities feature the most advanced and modern machineries and our Machinery & Paint Sections are equipped with latest technology machinery such as, CNC Routers, Beam panel Saws, Edge Banding machines, Laser Engraving machines, Automatic paint line with Robotic spraying guns, Sanding Units etc. These areas are all well-equipped, Air Conditioned and fitted with a central dust extraction system to provide a dust-free and healthy environment for the working personnel.

  • Item Preview Veneer Section

    Veneer section

    The Veneer section is comprised of high technology veneer shearing and splicing machines with hot and cold presses, as well as laser engraving machines operated by a team of highly skilled operators and craftsmen. Our craftsmen have expertly used the laser engraving machines to execute detailed designs, marquetry and mother of pearl inlays in many high end projects and palaces, all to rave reviews from our clients.

  • Item Preview Assembly Section

    Assembly Section

    Our team of professional carpenters are highly skilled and regularly trained to execute the finest quality joinery works.

  • Item Preview Painting Section

    Painting Section

    Our Sanding and Paint Sections are equipped with vacuum sanding benches which accumulate all of the sanding dust produced during the work process to keep the environment clean. The paint section is well equipped with 10 paint booths which feature the latest technology Automatic Robotic paint line and Vertical Heating Chambers. Our paint technicians are qualified to match any colors, paints and stains as required by the client.

  • Item Preview Panels Section

    Panels Section

    Our Panel section is equipped with the latest CNC technology and machines such as Beam Panel saws, Edge banding machines, CNC Routers and CNC Borings to achieve accurate outputs with skilled CNC programmers and operators.

  • Item Preview Solid Wood Section

    Solid Wood Section

    This section is equipped with modern, high precision machinery and highly qualified and experienced operators to execute any type of cutting, plaining, rebating, molding and grooving works.