Zebrano Products

At Zebrano Woodworks, we use only the highest quality raw materials and European grade stains and lacquers to manufacture any design in a variety of sizes, species and styles, with our advanced manufacturing techniques. All of our joinery items are manufactured using high precision machines and skilled craftsmen, adhering to the highest quality of safety and environmental standards.

  • Item Preview Doors - Fired / Non Fired

    Doors - Fired / Non Fired

    Our extensive range of doors includes both fire rated and non-fire rated options.

  • Item Preview Kitchens / Pantries

    Kitchens / Pantries

    We provide total, custom fit out solutions for kitchens and pantries, including cabinetry work.

  • Item Preview Vanities


    Whether creating one-of-a-kind pieces or matching existing elements, our vanities offer style and functionality.

  • Item Preview Wall Cladding

    Wall Cladding

    Our perforated cladding products can be used in a variety of projects including Auditoriums, Theatres and reception/information counters.

  • Item Preview Wardrobe and cabinet

    Wardrobe and cabinet

    We work closely with our clients to create unique, custom cabinets that are tailored to your space and your style.

  • Item Preview Pergolas – External Works

    Pergolas – External Works

    Our outdoor structures and external woodwork products include Pergolas, Arbors, Pavilions and Shade Canopies.

  • Item Preview Furniture


    We manufacture finely crafted furniture for Offices, Villas, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality projects.

  • Item Preview Skirting


    Our high quality, versatile skirting can be crafted in a variety of options including decorative, solid and veneered.

Our Premium Luxury Division

Zebrano has designed a strategy to increase its luxury premium division, making use of the company’s financial strength expertise.

We will continue to execute large production projects and will reinvest in the premium sector, offering services and products that no other competitor can match.